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What an adorable baby bonnet! Just kidding, it's a 1750's cap.

There I was, thinking I'd stick with one era of reenacting for now. Too many other concerns occupying my time. What started out as me volunteering to sew at a history museum turned into putting together my own French and Indian War kit in six weeks in time to attend the Montcalm's Cross event at Fort Ticonderoga. I was such a fool to think that I could sew clothing for museum mannequins and not want to wear it myself.

I wanted to enter my cap in the Historical Sew Monthly June challenge, because it fit perfectly--it represented a time period that was new to me, and it has whip gathers, a technique I had never tried. But sadly, I wasn't able to write a blog post last month, so I decided to enter the cap in the July challenge as an accessory.

This project entailed far more research than actual sewing. I used the following sources to learn about how to construct caps.
"How to make an 18th century cap" by Art, beauty, and well-ordered chaos: