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Circa 1860's sun bonnets

It's high time for me to document some of the 19th century bonnets that I've made. Here's a link to one of my previous blog posts about my first attempts at slat bonnets: I made some more after that, then this year I made a few, so there are several that I haven't shared on my blog. I finally figured out the proportions just right after experimenting. There are some details that may seem insignificant, but I found them to affect my overall satisfaction. I also sampled a few different styles. Here I am sharing pictures of all the bonnets I've made and the features that seem ideal.

First, I researched what 19th century bonnets should look like. I wanted one for Civil War reenacting, but the styles typically span most of the 19th century. There are several images of originals that I found on Pinterest that did not lead to an existing website, so I did not include them here, but the f…