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18th century Garsault shirt

Last month, I wrote about researching an upcoming shirt project. Well, I made the shirt a few weeks ago, and I am so happy with it! I used Garsault's instructions from L'art du tailleur, which La Couturiere Parisienne graciously shared on I followed these instructions pretty closely since I am not yet familiar enough to sew on the fly, but I would really like to study several original shirts. La Couturiere Parisienne made the instructions very easy to follow, but there is a feature of Garsault's approach that I and my customer both disliked. The neck gusset is set into the shoulder strap instead of the shoulder strap. I'll illustrate with pictures below. It's fine for now, but next time I'll do it differently. 

The neckline is stroke gathered to the collar, while the neck gusset and shoulder strap are sewn flat to the collar--no gathers. Next time, I need to make the front of the neck gather more loosely…

Baby Slippers

Here are some derp-face baby slippers that I crocheted a while back and gave to one of my cousins.

A couple years ago, I made some animal slippers for new babies in my family. I was inspired by patterns that I found on the Internet, but I wanted to perfect my own pattern because I made some changes. I also created my own animal face designs for these. I've made several different slippers--bunnies, lions, bears, and sheep. I don't have pictures of all of them.

The final product was a simple oval shaped crocheted slipper made from DK weight yarn. I can make basic slippers in any color and then embellish them with embroidery and other crocheted pieces. The bunny ears are simple crocheted ovals sewn onto the slippers, and the sheep ears and hair are free form, crocheted directly onto the slippers. I made these two pairs mainly to experiment with my pattern, but I've already given them away. They're so cute and quick and easy that I'm sure I'll make more in the fu…