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Motivation and Cognitive Science

This post does relate to sewing, I promise. I am using my blog to post a homework assignment for an educational psychology class. For this assignment, I have to share some photos and explain how they relate to motivation. I chose to use photos of my sewing and other craft projects because of the relationship between something that I find enjoyable and how motivated I feel to pursue the activities.

In “Do Students Care About Learning?” by Marge Scherer, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi discussed how enjoyment plays a large role in motivation. For me, I am usually very motivated to work on things that I enjoy. My primary hobby is sewing historical clothing for reenactors and history museums, which has become a small business for me on the side. I really love sewing and am usually quite motivated to work on my commissioned projects. However, I noticed that if I feel that I won’t do a good job, I dread working on the projects--the frustration level of learning (Swanson, 1999). It also strikes me th…

Linen Coat and Waistcoat