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Tape Weaving

I actually have been quite busy sewing and otherwise being crafty, but I haven't been disciplined about documenting my projects. In June, I made my first project on my tape loom: some linen tape for apron strings for a friend. It was based on the tape on an apron in the Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center:;id=83534E81-6AF2-4CAE-ADE0-332276277360;type=101. The original is red, blue, and white, but I made my copy using only blue and white as my friend wanted those colors to go with her blue and white checked apron. It took me a while to cut the threads and set up the loom, but weaving goes super fast. Do you know how fast? Warp speed! :D Where's my dilithium crystals?I think it only took me an hour to weave this piece.

This month, I've been weaving again to practice and experiment. I have a lot of room for improvement, and I'm kind of embarrassed to show this project that I just finished as…

A Man's Coat

Back in the winter, I made this18th century coat. I think I finished it in February or March. A friend of mine had started the coat years ago in a workshop. It was draped specifically for him. He had cut it out and started sewing it, then set it aside for a while. He needed it for a recent event and asked me if I could finish sewing it for him. It is completely hand sewn--a first for me! I used linen and silk sewing thread and silk buttonhole twist. I don't remember how long it took me to make it; maybe around 20 hours. I actually enjoyed the hand sewing, though I certainly need to get faster at it.

I had some really great pictures of this coat being modeled by my dress form, but then my USB quit working and I lost years of photos D': (sobbing emoticon). It's time to quit being a Luddite and embrace online photo storage.

The coat is completely hand stitched and unlined. Since the wool fabric is coat weight and doesn't fray much, I didn't fell the seams; rat…

Share post: The Young Sewphisticate Sewing Blog

Hello all! I've had great sewing plans for this summer and have actually accomplished some of them, but I was in China teaching English and internet access is restricted there. The greatest issue for me was not being able to read all the awesome sewing blogs that use the Google blogging platform (Blogspot). I had a VPN, but the internet was still slow. Thus, I have failed in my goals to post about my sewing projects.

I'm back in the United States and dove headfirst into exciting sewing projects and finding inspiration from my fellow bloggers. I want to share my friend's blog, "The Young Sewphisticate," firstly because it's fantastic, but also because she is hosting a blog giveaway to celebrate the second anniversary of her blog:

Anneliese will give away a 19th century housewife sewing case to the winner of her giveaway. Read her blog post to learn how to enter. I have been n…