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Under It All: A Wool Petticoat

I finally actually finished something for the Historical Sew Fortnightly! This project was simple, though, and I was motivated as it was needed for today. I recently made a simple wool petticoat for myself (no pictures yet), and found it to be very practical. I made this one for my friend, as we were going reenacting together and wanted to be prepared for cold weather. Our petticoats kept us pleasantly warm! I'm new to reenacting, and today was my first cold-weather event, which I loved because I could bundle up in layers of wool and wear all of my lovely and practical historic clothing.

I'm not sure about accuracy of fabric; would people have used this kind of wool for undergarments in the mid 19th century? I know wool flannel was common. I use what I have, sometimes sacrificing accuracy for economy. I am also having trouble identifying the different weights of wool fabric, and would gladly welcome suggestions for resources! This wool is lighter than coat weight, but still p…

A Winter Hood

Hello dear readers. Welcome to my sewing blog, in which I hope to share many of my historical sewing projects. I learned to sew as soon as I could pick up a needle, and have loved it ever since. Last year, I joined a Civil War reenacting group so that I would have an excuse to make and wear the clothes I've always admired. Other eras interest me just as much, but as a new reenactor, I am currently focused on making the 1860's clothing I need. I hope to branch out in the future. For now, please enjoy my 19th century endeavors.

I would like to thank The Dreamstress ( for creating the Historical Sew Fortnightly ( and giving me the inspiration to contribute to my sewing blog. I've been wanting to blog about my historical sewing, but have been lazy and uninspired. However, I have plenty of sewing to feature! Since I am still getting started with this blog, I can't post a HSF project yet, bu…