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A much needed petticoat

I started reenacting the French and Indian wars era last year and very quickly threw together the basic costume pieces. Now, it's time to add more items to my wardrobe. I definitely need a couple of petticoats as I had only made one wool one to start. For the Historical Sew Monthly February 2016 challenge, I wanted to finish my 1750's gown, but I hadn't yet gotten to it. So, on the very last day of February, I quickly whipped up this petticoat. It's the same fabric as my gown.

These pictures feature the debut of my model, Penelope. She's been in my life for well over a year, but I don't quite know how to approach her. We haven't actually collaborated on any projects yet. Here she is showing off my petticoat. FYI, Penelope is significantly shorter than me and is incapable of growing taller.

February's challenge is about pleating. I'm disappointed that I ended up entering something so basic, but it's something that I truly needed and it also all…