Under It All: A Wool Petticoat

I finally actually finished something for the Historical Sew Fortnightly! This project was simple, though, and I was motivated as it was needed for today. I recently made a simple wool petticoat for myself (no pictures yet), and found it to be very practical. I made this one for my friend, as we were going reenacting together and wanted to be prepared for cold weather. Our petticoats kept us pleasantly warm! I'm new to reenacting, and today was my first cold-weather event, which I loved because I could bundle up in layers of wool and wear all of my lovely and practical historic clothing.

I'm not sure about accuracy of fabric; would people have used this kind of wool for undergarments in the mid 19th century? I know wool flannel was common. I use what I have, sometimes sacrificing accuracy for economy. I am also having trouble identifying the different weights of wool fabric, and would gladly welcome suggestions for resources! This wool is lighter than coat weight, but still pretty thick.

Another issue of accuracy is the drawstring: I attached twill tape about 6 inches into the waistband, so it's a partial drawstring. I like the look of a flat waistband, but the practicality of a drawstring. It was my own idea, but was this technique used during the 19th century? I am still quite an amateur at historical sewing and always hope to learn more! In order to reduce bulk, the petticoat also features a 4" wide cotton yoke so that the wool fabric is not pleated directly to the waistband. There is a 4" wide cotton facing on the hem.

The Challenge: Under it all
Fabric: wool plainweave broadcloth and cotton
Pattern: none; drafted to fit wearer's measurements
Year: 1860-1865 (probably suitable for more)
Notions: cotton twill tape, thread
How historically accurat is it? As good as I know how to make it. Maybe an 8 out of 10.
Hours to complete: 1 or 2, only because I didn't have time to finish felling all the inside seams.
First worn: today
Total cost: I got a huge bag of fabric at a thrift store for $10. This wool was in the bag, so at a fraction of the total bag contents, maybe 25 cents. I used the whole piece as it was the perfect size for my friend.


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