Share post: The Young Sewphisticate Sewing Blog

Hello all! I've had great sewing plans for this summer and have actually accomplished some of them, but I was in China teaching English and internet access is restricted there. The greatest issue for me was not being able to read all the awesome sewing blogs that use the Google blogging platform (Blogspot). I had a VPN, but the internet was still slow. Thus, I have failed in my goals to post about my sewing projects.

I'm back in the United States and dove headfirst into exciting sewing projects and finding inspiration from my fellow bloggers. I want to share my friend's blog, "The Young Sewphisticate," firstly because it's fantastic, but also because she is hosting a blog giveaway to celebrate the second anniversary of her blog:

Anneliese will give away a 19th century housewife sewing case to the winner of her giveaway. Read her blog post to learn how to enter. I have been needing a housewife for years and have just not gotten around to making one. I really need to do that, and make a few other sewing accessories instead of hiding my modern sewing kit at reenactments.

Thanks for the inspiration, Anneliese, and congratulations on the continuing success of your sewing and blogging endeavors!


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